Kedvenc lemezeim (2006 febr.)

1. Pink Floyd: The Wall

Is there anybody out there?

2. Queensryche: Operation: Mindcrime (1988)

People always turn away
Frome eyes of a stranger
Afraid to know what
Lies behind the stare

3. Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime II (2006)

What if I wasn't to blame?
What if I could change?

4. The Cult: Love (+Dreamtime, Sonic Temple, Cult)

Embrace the wind with both arms
Stop the clouds dead in sky
Hang your head no more and beg no more
Brother wolf and sister moon
Your time has come

5. Anthrax: State of Euphoria

You're a train ride to no importance
You're in love with hell existence
Money is all that you desire
Why don't you pack it in and retire

6. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here / Final Cut

Remember when you were young
you shine like the sun...

7. Way Out West: Intensify

Even in my soul I believe in you

8. Guns'n'Roses: Appetite for Destruction

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

9. The Cure: Bloodflowers

So the fire is almost out and there's nothing left to burn
I've run right out of thoughts and I've run right out of words

10. Placebo: Sleeping With Ghosts és Meds

Maybe we're victims of fate
Remember when we'd celebrate
We'd drink and get high until late
And now we're all alone

11. VA: The Lotus Eaters, a tribute to Dead Can Dance
DCD tribüt különböző dark, alternatív, metál stílben

12. Laibach: Jesus Christ Superstar
Ipari rockopera...

13. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory
Ma már nem nagy szám a nu metál, de ez klasszikus.

14. Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth

15. Anathema: Alternative 4

16. The Cure: Disintegration

17. Paradise Lost: Host
elektronikus hangzás, a zenekar metálrajongói vagy utálják vagy kedvenc

18. EMF: Schubert Dip
Unbelievable! Jó lemez.

19. Rare Bird: Sympathy
60-as évekbeli progrock

20. Metallica: and justice for all
mióta beperelték a napstert, bannoltam őket, rohaggyanak meg, de ez nem maradhat ki

21. Massive Attack: 100th Window

22. Assemblage 23: Storm

23. Katatonia: The Great Cold Distance és LFDGD

24. Prince: Purple Rain

25. Moby: 18

26. Portishead: Dummy
trip-hop melankólia

27. East 17: Steam
nem, nem vicc :)

28. Evanescence: Origin

29. Yello: Pocket Universe / Schiller: Zeitgeist

30. Enigma: The Screen Behind the Mirror